Short Stories, Stand Alones, and Anthologies

Arine's Sanctuary

The Moreja Sisterhood exists to rescue boys from abuse and arranged marriages. Arine’s on assignment, bringing Cavon back to her home in Sanctuary, when she discovers something terrifying.
He can do magic.
When the chance comes up for her to go back out and rescue her own brother, sold off by her mother ten years earlier, Arine eagerly takes the chance. But can she talk him into coming home to Sanctuary with her? And can they get there before the Domine’s army, bent on controlling the magic?



Short Stories:


Ever wonder what a cat is doing when they stare at nothing?
Siaira’s human is the village wise woman, capable of great magic. Only it’s Siaira and some feline Guardians that are the true spellcasters. Maintaining an illusion to keep their own world safe.
A delightful tale about the secrets our cats keep.


Kick the can

Dave and his wife, Jocelyn, have waited a long time to have children. One was expected. Twins weren’t.
A stranger in a suit approaches as he sees his children through the glass of the nursery. All hope of running is dashed. Dave would need to spend the next twelve years preparing to play a game that could change their lives forever.
Playing this game could kill.


Rose Box

For the first time in her life, Alex was living the life she wanted. Her major at college, where she went after graduation, even her very name were ones she chose. Despite pressure from her family, she accepts the position Mr. Grayson offers.
Can she overcome a lifetime of self-doubt and really bloom? Or will she forever have the shadow of her upbringing lingering over her?




Cyan took the colony position in hopes to start a new life. Instead, the planet was as empty and desolate as her dad predicted her future as a scientist would be.
Until the morning she sees the bird. On an icy, snow covered hunk of rock in the galaxy where no evidence of life had been found. In a flurry of feathers, she goes from the base nobody to instant celebrity. The one to find life where none was before.
But can they find where the bird came from, and get back to base, before the colony is abandoned?




ASATD redo 1

The companion to ‘Looking At The Light’, ‘A Stab At The Dark’ focuses on what is wrong in the world around us. Be it a different type of guardian angel, the strange figure in the dark alley, or what lurks deep within the forest. The stories inside are meant to be creepy, make you shudder, and face your fears.



LatL redo 3

The companion to ‘A Stab At The Dark’, ‘Looking At The Light’ focuses on what is good in the world around us. Be it a young woman finding a way to escape her sheltered home, an old toy welcoming a new owner, or a gremlin exterminator. The stories inside are meant to be uplifting, humorous, and give the reader hope that not all is bad in this world.


CM redo 1a

“Challenges Met” springs from topics given out in writing exercises. In this collection, Ms. Collins explores a variety of themes, both light and dark. The idea of gremlin exterminators or that mysterious box that shows up on your porch. First contact with aliens, or a grim reaper on the job. The true meaning of immortality, and how society can take a game and make it anything but child’s play.