Last Monday with…Casey Knight!

It's that time, everyone! Please welcome author Casey Knight! 1. What’s the title of your latest release? Link? Fang Shway L.A.  can be found here: My other novel, Dragon Down, can be found here: 2. Why do you like writing in this genre? I love writing in this genre because it is an escape … Continue reading Last Monday with…Casey Knight!

Last Monday with…Rebecca Frencl!

Good morning, everyone! And welcome to the last Monday of March! Today, I'm honored to host Rebecca Frencl. Grab a chair, say hello, and find out something about this amazing author.1. What’s the title of your latest release? Link?a. My latest Solstice release is Ascent of the Fallen. It’s mostly a paranormal romance, urban fantasy. … Continue reading Last Monday with…Rebecca Frencl!